Artist's Statement

I am connected to my deepest self when experiencing the awe and mystery of our natural world. Installed memories of dappled light through draping trees dwell within. In an effort to escape a culture drowning in technology, I continue to find myself called to the natural environment, and thus stirred to translate the overwhelming textures, colors and patterns that naturally surround us.

As a Biologist, I have studied life and the natural world in all its many wondrous forms. A passion for travel and hiking has led me to experience many varied landscapes. These observations inspire my work, which aims to interpret the beauty, mood and mystery existing on our planet. My art provides an opportunity to reflect on what it means to experience nature in all of its glory by calling attention to texture, contrast, color, form, and movement.



self in studio.jpg

Gena Loseto (b. 1975) is a fine artist currently pursuing her MFA at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. She studied Biology and Chemistry, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in 1997, and completing her Master of Arts at Fontbonne University in 2018. 

Embracing her creative side for most of her life, she enrolled in numerous classes from 1997-2016 to learn watercolor painting, ceramics, fiber arts, drawing, photography, and design before finally deciding to pursue her MFA with a concentration in painting in 2016. 

She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her three children.